Amman Souks
Must See Souks In Amman: Colourful Heart of the City
Markets are a vital part of Middle Eastern countries. They are primarily located in the city centre. Each market focuses on products from spices, fresh fruits, and vegetables to clothes, carpets and gold. Amman’s markets are the heart of the city,...
From Mansaf to Falafel: Exploring the Best of Jordanian Food
One of the reasons I like to travel is the food. Before each trip, I prepare a list of dishes I would like to try while exploring the country. At the same time, it will help me avoid foods that contain milk and cream. I would recommend this to anyone...
Savouring Rotterdam: A Foodie's Ultimate Guide to Culinary Bliss
Dutch cuisine may not be as famous as Italian or French, but it has its own unique and delicious offerings. However, I must say that Dutch cuisine didn’t particularly impress me. Despite that, I have come to love some Dutch dishes and often order...
Paistettuja muikkuja
Nordic Wild: Moose and Reindeer in Finnish Cuisine
Note: The blog was originally published on my old blog. Looks like all I can write about is food. But that’s alright because writing about food will never be boring. There are many options for what to eat or drink in Finland, regardless of your...
roasted goose, cabbage and potato crepes
Exploring the Authentic Slovak Goose Feast in Slovensky Grob
The Slovak Goose and Duck Feast is a time-honoured tradition that has been celebrated in the small village of Slovensky Grob for over 100 years. This unique culinary experience allows visitors to indulge in some of Slovakia’s most traditional dishes,...


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