Holafly eSIM: The Ultimate Guide How to Choose A Data Plan

Many companies are offering eSIM products nowadays. Holafly is one of them. More information about eSIM technology is in this article. In this blog post, I will focus on how to create a new Holafly account, the types of data plans they offer and how to buy an eSIM. And most importantly, how to start using it.

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Account Creation

After opening the Holafly webpage (official link here), you can create a new account or browse the products. To create an account, click “Login” in the top right menu.


The following form will appear. Since you are going to create a new account, you have three options to choose from:

  • Fill out the form: You must enter your email address
  • Apple: You can use an existing Apple account
  • Google: You can use an existing Google / Gmail account

After filling out the email, click on “Continue”. You should then receive a verification code by email. When I tried to create an account using this method, no code was sent to my email. That’s why I tried another approach.

For the second attempt to create an account, I used Google / Gmail. I no longer had to enter data, and the system automatically created an account.

Choose what suits you best and click the icon (Apple, Google). The Nomad site will automatically create an account for you with the same first and last name.

So, the account is successfully created, and we check the data plans.

Data plan types

Holafly mainly offers data packages. The novelty is the possibility of calling within Europe, except for England, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine and Turkey.

Holafly supports calls within Europe

All products are displayed after clicking “Destination” in the top menu. Alternatively, enter the country’s name in the box next to the green magnifying glass (picture below).

Holafly search
Destination search

A menu will appear after clicking “Destination”, as shown in the image below. The products are divided according to the alphabetical list of countries (All destinations), Best sellers and Regional plans.

If you plan to visit several countries in the same region, focusing on regional data plans is better.

Buying a data plan

For this guide, I have chosen an eSIM for Qatar. Since Qatar is not in Europe, Holafly does not support calling. Three variants on offer differed in the size of the offered data from 3GB to 8GB and the validity period from 7 to 30 days. Choose the product that suits you best, and click on “Add to cart”.

Holafly Qatar
Holafly Qatar

You can continue shopping, or you can pay. If you want to pay already, click on “Checkout”. If you wish to continue shopping, click on “Continue shopping”.

Then, choose the way you want to pay. “Express checkout” offers PayPal and Google Pay. In this case, you must log in to the given service. The system automatically fills in the email and billing addresses according to how they are set in Paypal or Google Pay.

If you want to pay by credit/debit card, just fill in your email, billing address and phone number.

Some banks charge fees for payments in foreign currency. The same applies to PayPal. Therefore, compare what is cheaper.

Downloading a data plan

The process for installing the Holafly eSIM profile will be sent to you by email after payment. The process varies by device type. iPhones and Android phones have a different menu in Settings. That’s why you need to carefully read the instructions.

Holafly instructions
Instructions for eSIM installation

During the installation process, it is essential:

  • Have a stable internet connection.
  • Do not interrupt the installation process. In case of problems, the eSIM cannot be restored.
  • Do not remove the eSIM plan because the eSIM can only be installed once.


Your data plan will activate only when the phone registers into the network for the first time.

All done now

I hope this guide helps you navigate the Holafly website and choose the right package for your upcoming vacation. If you have other questions, add them in the comments.

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