Review: How Holafly eSIM works in Japan
I visited Japan recently. From the rich eSIM offerings on the Internet, I tried Holafly and Moshi Moshi from Airalo (review here). In this blog post, I review my experience with Holafly Japan. What eSIM technology is in this article. Disclaimer: Some...
Review: How Airalo Moshi Moshi eSIM Works in Japan
When planning trips abroad, I always check my mobile operator’s roaming charges for the country I plan to visit. In general, these charges are incredibly high for Asia. Therefore, I always try to find a cheaper option to stay connected online without...
Japan Airlines Premium Economy
Review: Japan Airlines B777-300 Premium Economy LHR to HND
Initially, I had no plans to visit Japan this year. A friend told me she quit her job and plans to spend a few months in Japan. I couldn’t resist and decided to join her. Disclaimer: Some links in this article contain affiliate links. If you click...


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