Amman Souks
Must See Souks In Amman: Colourful Heart of the City
Markets are a vital part of Middle Eastern countries. They are primarily located in the city centre. Each market focuses on products from spices, fresh fruits, and vegetables to clothes, carpets and gold. Amman’s markets are the heart of the city,...
Airalo Jornet Pinterest
Review: How Airalo Jornet eSIM works in Jordan
For my visit to Jordan, I was initially thinking of mainly using the hotel’s wifi and data roaming only when necessary. However, I immediately changed my mind when I saw the outrageous price of 6 GBP for 1MB. From the wide range of eSIM products...
10 apartments and hotels in Amman, Jordan
Who hasn’t heard about ancient Petra? Many tourists visit the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan annually to visit Petra. The capital, Amman, also offers a glimpse into history and has much to offer to tourists. Disclaimer: Some links in this article...
What to see in Petra: A Journey Through Time
Petra in Jordan is one of the world’s most fascinating and least-explored archaeological sites. Hidden in the rocks and surrounded by diverse nature, this ancient civilization used to be an essential trading centre during the ancient period. Today,...
From Mansaf to Falafel: Exploring the Best of Jordanian Food
One of the reasons I like to travel is the food. Before each trip, I prepare a list of dishes I would like to try while exploring the country. At the same time, it will help me avoid foods that contain milk and cream. I would recommend this to anyone...


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