Keepgo eSIM: The Ultimate Guide How to Choose Plan and Buy It

In my previous article, I listed several companies that offer eSIM data plans. Keepgo is one of many companies selling eSIM for many countries worldwide. In this article, I will describe how to create an account, what types of flat rates Keepgo offers and how to choose one from their rich offer.

Disclaimer: Some links in this article contain affiliate links. If you click on the link and purchase any service, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost.

Keepgo code

Clicking on this link will take you to their website, and you will get a free coupon for free 3 GB for your next eSIM. Once the page loads, click on “GOREFDATA”. The code will be copied, which you could use later during the payment. Once the code is copied, click on “Shop Keepgo now”.

Keepgo coupon
free data coupon

Data plans

All the eSIM Bundles that Keepgo offers are data plans. In addition to eSIM Bundles, they also offer classic SIM card Bundles and devices for mobile wifi. If you want to make calls or send SMS, it will not work if you purchase eSIM Bundles. If you need these services, look at the offer of other companies.

Click on “Products” to display the product menu. “SIM Card Bundles” are plans for a classic plastic SIM card. “Hotspot Bundles” are data plans for a portable wifi hotspot with a SIM card. Select “eSIM Bundles” to see all eSIM offers.

Keepgo products
Keepgo products

Each eSIM data plan has a unique name. You can find in the description in which country or continent the service will work. Clicking on “Countries Networks” displays all supported countries. Make sure that your destination is on the list.

Keepgo data bundles
Keepgo eSIM data plans
Keepgo countries
List of countries for Andromeda

If you are looking for a specific country, click on “Coverage” in the top menu to see a short list of countries. On top of the page, you will see some of the most popular countries. Below is the whole alphabet and all countries where Keepgo offers the service. I chose Japan for an illustrative purpose, with the plan called Cassiopeia. However, Japan is one of many countries where this data plan will work. When you check the list of supported countries, you will see several.

Keepgo Coverage
Keepgo Coverage
Keepgo Japan
Keepgo plan for Japan

After clicking on “Buy now”, a new page will load, asking you to log in or create a new account (Sign up).

Create an account

Let’s see how to create a new Keepgo account next. Enter your email address in the first field and then check the box that you agree to Keepgo’s terms (I agree to Keepgo’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy). Then click on “Sign Up”. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link. When you click on it, you can continue with the registration.

Keepgo account creation
Keepgo account creation
Keepgo account creation

The account should be successfully created. The next step is to pay for the flat rate.

Buying a data bundle (Keepgo eSIM)

In the previous step, we selected Cassiopeia. Now we need to select the amount of data we need. There are several options available, from 100 MB to 50 GB. By clicking on “Buy eSIM”, a page will appear where you can select this data.

Keepgo Cassiopeia
Keepgo Cassiopeia

Choose the amount of data that suits you best. Each data package is for life (Never expires*). The catch is that you have to buy a data top-up once a year for at least $3. Remember to paste the coupon copied earlier in the box where the red arrow points. Then choose how you want to pay, either by credit/debit card (Pay by credit card) or PayPal.

Keepgo code
Insert code

OK, you have bought a bundle. And what to do next? It’s time to the profile to your phone or other mobile device.

Downloading Keepgo eSIM profile

You can find every purchased plan on the left side of the web page under “Lines, eSIM Lifetime Plan”. Keepgo has detailed information for all phones, tablets and laptops that support eSIM. Choose your model and follow the instructions. Is important:

  • Have a stable internet connection.
  • Do not interrupt the installation process. In case of problems, it will not be possible to restore the eSIM.
  • Do not remove the eSIM plan because the eSIM can only be installed once.
Keepgo purchased bundles
Purchased bundles
Keepgo instructions
Select your device

Where to find the QR code

Click on “Lines, eSIM Lifetime Plan” in the top left of the webpage, and you will see the details of your plan: Bundle name, how much data is left, and how many days of the year are left. After clicking on More Details, more information about the given Keepgo eSIM plan will be displayed. The QR code is at the very bottom.

QR Code
QR Code

Remember that the Keepgo eSIM data plan is activated only when the phone is connected to the network.

I hope this guide has helped you navigate the Keepgo website and choose the right package deal for your upcoming vacation. If you have other questions, add them in the comments.

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