Review Blue Sky Premier Lounge at Jakarta Airport

Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK) in Jakarta has three terminals. In this article, I will examine the airport’s Blue Sky Premier Lounge, located in Terminal 3.

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Terminal 3 is divided into two sections—one for international flights and the other for domestic flights. Each section has its own entrance and separate security control. The domestic part of the terminal does not have a passport office since it only handles domestic flights.

Where is Blue Sky Premier Lounge located?

The Blue Sky Premier Lounge for domestic departures can be found at Gate 18.

The Blue Sky Premier Lounge for domestic departures can be found at East 18 (Gate 18). The airport provides excellent signage throughout the departure area, making the lounge relatively easy to locate. To find the lounge, you need to go almost to the end of the main corridor of the domestic part of the terminal, located on the left side.


The lounge is open daily from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please note that the airport does not have an official website.

Who can enter the lounge?

Regular passengers who are members of the Garuda Airlines program have access to the lounge. Additionally, members of Priority Pass, Dragon Pass, and various credit cards are also eligible for access. In my case, I used Dragon Pass, which entitles me to four entries per year at different lounges worldwide.

For non-members, the lounge also offers one-time entry for a fee of 170,000 IDR (Indonesian rupiahs), around $13 after conversion. The entry fee allows a maximum stay of two hours, and children under five can enter for free.

Inside the Blue Sky Premier Lounge

Upon entering, I was taken aback by the size of the lounge. It was small, consisting of only two smaller rooms. Directly behind the reception area was a designated “Healthy Corner” featuring a counter with a coffee machine. Additionally, they offered freshly made fruit juices in the morning. Unfortunately, the Healthy Corner was already closed during my visit, and they only had coffee available.

On the left side were sofas and tables, some marked with red X stickers, presumably from the days of travel restrictions that required certain distances to be kept.

Seating area
Seating area

On the right side, behind the reception, was another room and a few places to sit.

More seats
More seats

I was surprised to find out that the toilets didn’t have a lounge inside, so I had to go outside and use the terminal building facilities. The nearest toilets were located near Gate 19. However, the smoking room inside the toilets was a problem because the door was often left open, causing the stench to spread to the lounge.

Food and beverages

After visiting several lounges, I found that the options at this one were quite limited. The food options were boiled corn and stewed peanuts in their skins.

Corn and peanuts

The next container contained salad, followed by fish curry and noodles. And, of course, like in every Asian country, rice could not be missing here.

In the other room, I found these coconut desserts. Although I don’t know what they are called, the bright green and pink ones were exceptionally delicious.

I noticed a counter with soup ingredients, but unfortunately, they had run out of broth, and there were no employees around to refill it.

Soup corner

Bottled water was available in the fridge or on the counter for drinks.

What else does the lounge offer?

Good question. Nothing more than mentioned above.

To visit or not to visit

I understand that many passengers do not visit this lounge as only a few local airlines offer business class seats, such as Garuda. This could be the reason why the lounge was designed to accommodate a small number of visitors. Another factor could be that the employees were preparing for their final exams.

In my opinion, this lounge is not worth visiting as there are several restaurants and shops at the airport that offer better food options.

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