Review: How Airalo Jornet eSIM works in Jordan

For my visit to Jordan, I was initially thinking of mainly using the hotel’s wifi and data roaming only when necessary. However, I immediately changed my mind when I saw the outrageous price of 6 GBP for 1MB. From the wide range of eSIM products I found on the Internet, I decided on Jornet from Airalo.

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In this article, I will describe my experience of how the Airalo Jordan eSIM worked in Jordan. This article contains more about eSIM technology and other companies offering eSIM products.

If you plan to visit Jordan, here are some tips on what to see and do. You can find more information about Petra in this article. You should not starve during your trip, so try some of the fantastic Jordanian food (more here). Amman has also a lot to offer. When you have time, visit the markets (souks) and experience the local vibe.

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Airalo discount code

Use this link to access the Airalo webpage. You can get $3 off on your first eSIM if you use my Airalo code SANDRA4293.

Airalo Applications

Airalo has apps where you can buy new plans or track the usage of your existing plans. Below are the links where you can download them:

For Google Play click here.

For Apple Store click here.

Airalo offering for Jordan

Airalo offers three types of products for Jordan. The first product is Airalo Jornet. It is a data plan specifically for use in Jordan.

Airalo Jornet plans
Airalo Jornet plans

The second type of product is Airalo Menalink, which can be used in 15 countries in the Middle East and the northern part of Africa. These include Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

Airalo Menalink
Airalo Menalink plans

The third product is the global product Airalo Discover, which is intended for 130 countries.

Airalo Discover
Airalo Discover plans

Since I planned to stay only in Jordan, I decided to try Jornet.

Detailed instructions on creating an account and buying a data package can be found in this article.


When I was planning my trip, Airalo only offered two Jornet products. The first package contained 1GB of data and was valid for 7 days. The second package included 3GB of data and was valid for 30 days.

Airalo Jornet plans
Airalo Jornet plans

What phones support eSIM?

With this technology’s growing popularity, more and more phones and tablets are on the market that support it. When buying a phone, you should ask the seller if the phone supports eSIM. Airalo regularly updates the list of supported devices, so it is better to check their official support page.

Mobile operators in Jordan and connection type

There are three mobile operators in Japan – Orange, Umniah and Zain. The Jornet data package can only be used in one operator’s network, namely Umniah (UMC).

map from
Map from

Connection type

Currently, most operators offer 5G only for their customers. Airalo is not a mobile operator and thus does not have a mobile network. They use mobile networks from operators in the country where they provide their services. Therefore, the data packages only work in the 4G/LTE network. I expect it will change over time, and soon Airalo will offer the services in 5G networks.

eSIM Activation

After downloading the Jornet eSIM profile, I tried to test if my phone could connect to the network while I was still at home. It did not work out. However, the result was exactly as I expected. The eSIM should not be able to register to a mobile network outside of Jordan.

The activation and validity period of the data package starts as soon as the eSIM connects to the supported network, in this case, Umniah.

My Airalo Jornet experience

My data plan

I planned to stay in Jordan for 5 days only. I bought a data plan with 1GB of data and a validity period of 7 days. The price of the package was $6.50. This package can be had for $3.50 after applying the discount code.

Network registration

My phone supports the use of two SIMs at once. Before travelling to Jordan, I enabled the Airalo Jornet eSIM as a second eSIM in the phone settings.

After landing in Jordan, I turned off the flight mode and watched how quickly both (e)SIMs could log in to the mobile network. Airalo Jornet eSIM was the first to register to the network. My UK SIM card registered to the Orange mobile network a minute later.


During my stay in Jordan, I visited Amman and Petra. You can find more about Petra in this article. I had no problem with the signal strength or service during my time in Amman. Internet was available whenever I needed it.

The situation was a bit different in Petra. Since it is a city hidden between colossal rock cliffs, it is impossible to cover the whole area. However, it didn’t bother me because I admired the breathtaking surroundings.


My data package was only 1GB, so I didn’t test the connection speed. I did not find it important. In addition, videos on YouTube and other platforms went without interruption.


Buying additional data was easy. After clicking “My eSIM” and “TOP UP”, I saw these two plans. After paying, there was no need to install the eSIM again. The data was automatically added to the existing eSIM. Quite simple, isn’t it?

Airalo Jornet top-ups
Airalo Jornet Top-ups


While in Jordan, I mainly used the wifi at the hotel. I didn’t need more than 1GB of data. When buying a data package, consider what applications and services you plan to use daily.

Three options for Jordan – local Jornet, regional Menalink and global Discover eSIMNo Unlimited Data bundle
Fast registration to the networkOnly two data packages for Jordan – 1GB and 3GB
Short and longer-term validity period of packages – 7 to 30 days
Simple process for top-ups

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