Review: How eTravelSIM eSIM UK works in the United Kingdom

Recently, I learned about a new company called eTravelSIM that offers travel eSIM products. I couldn’t resist trying one of their products, so I decided to test how the eTravelSIM eSIM works in the UK. Keep this in mind, as I will discuss it later in this article.

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eTravelSIM eSIM for UK

eTravelSIM eSIM plans for the UK

Unfortunately, the eSIM plans are not categorized. All of them are under the “eSIM Plans” menu. That may change in the future. For the UK, I found the following products on the eTravelSIM website.

Travel SIM for UK

This product is designed for use in the United Kingdom. Various data options are available, and the plan also includes 100 or 200 minutes for local calls within the UK.

Travel SIM for Europe

This product is intended for 34 European countries. It offers options including unlimited data or 1GB to 50GB for 30 days. eTravelSIM occasionally provides a 25% discount on products.

Global eSIM

This eSIM provides 6GB of data for use in over 100 countries worldwide. It is anticipated that additional data options will be introduced in the future.

eTravelSIM Travel eSIM for UK Price 

Before my trip, eTravelSIM had eight different eSIM options available in the UK. Each option provided a different amount of mobile data, ranging from 1GB for $4.50 (about €4) to 20GB for $49.99 (about €46), all valid for 30 days. Additionally, there were three unlimited data options for 7, 15, or 30 days, with prices ranging from $19 (about €18) to $55 (about €50).

What phones support eSIM?

eTravelSIM is said to support all phones on the market. The “Handset Compatibility” menu for each product provides more information.

Mobile operators in the UK and connection type

The United Kingdom is served by four major mobile operators: EE (Everything Everywhere), O2, Three (3), and Vodafone. The eTravelSIM Travel eSIM for the UK is compatible with the Three and Vodafone networks. While both operators provide excellent signal coverage in London, coverage outside the city may vary.

3 map from
3UK coverage map from
Vodafone coverage map from
Vodafone coverage map from

Connection type

eTravelSIM lists 4G/LTE on its website. However, it depends on the location (see the maps in the pictures above).

eSIM Activation – Warning

Unlike its competitors, eTravelSIM’s eSIM activation occurs automatically after installing it on the mobile device. If you plan to purchase this eSIM several months before your trip, install it for a trial before travelling to the UK.

My eTravelSIM Travel eSIM for UK experience

My data plan

I bought a 30-day data plan that includes 1GB of data for $4.50 (approximately €4). You can check your usage by logging into your account and clicking on “View Balance.”

Network registration

After scanning the QR code (remember to be connected to Wi-Fi; otherwise, the installation will fail), the eTravelSIM eSIM was registered to the 3UK (Three) network within a few seconds. After enabling mobile data, the H icon appeared. I was a little surprised, as I rarely see a 3G network anymore. After a few seconds, it changed to 4G+.


I had no issues using the eTravelSIM eSIM on the 3UK network. I didn’t connect to 5G; most of the time, my phone showed 4G or 4G+. Apps like Google Maps and Uber worked well, as did various social networks. Websites loaded quickly.

As Vodafone network was supported, I also tried it. I noticed speed issues while watching YouTube videos as they kept stopping. I manually switched the mobile network to 3UK in the phone settings, and the problem was resolved.

The advantage of supporting multiple mobile operators is that switching to another network is easy if there’s a problem.


Since I had a positive experience loading websites on the 3UK network, I also decided to test the transfer speeds. The download speed climbed to 21.8 Mbps.

It was not so famous in the Vodafone network. The first test failed and threw me an error. In the second test, the download speed only reached 1.68 Mbps.


Data top-up works in a strange way. You need to look in the “Recharge” menu and find “Travel eSIM for UK (Recharge)”. Then select the amount of data that suits you and enter the order number “Previous Order Number after #” from the original “Travel eSIM for UK”. You can find this number in your profile under “My Account”.

I haven’t tried purchasing data yet. Do you have experience with it? Share it with us.


I had a great experience with the eTravelSIM Travel eSIM for UK on the 3UK network. The apps were reliable, and the website loaded quickly, providing me with the needed information.

However, I found two things odd. Firstly, the process of purchasing data was not straightforward as I had to look for a separate product called “Recharge” in order to buy data. Secondly, I noticed that the products were not grouped together, although this may change in the future.

Three options – local UK, regional Europe and global Global eSIMProblems and speed while using Vodafone network
Different sizes of data offered – from 1GB to 50GBLocal calls (within the UK)
Different validity periods of unlimited data plans – from 7 to 30 daysProducts are not grouped and must be searched for manually
From 100 to 200 minutes of local calls (within the UK)

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