Review: How Holafly eSIM works in United Kingdom

I will review the Holafly eSIM for the United Kingdom in this article. Holafly is a company that offers unlimited data products. This eSIM can be used from 1 to 90 days. Read further, and you will learn what my experience with Holafly United Kingdom eSIM was.

As it is easy for me to test eSIM available in the UK market, I decided to run a series of articles where I will test them. It is always a good idea to compare different products in the same market before buying them.

If you want to compare Holafly United Kingdom with other eSIM, you can find my reviews here:

More about eSIM technology and other companies is in this article. In this blogpost, you will find advice on choosing a suitable product for a trip abroad.

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Holafly United Kingdom eSIM

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What is Holafly United Kingdom eSIM?

Holafly offers two types of products for England. The first product is named exactly like the country – the United Kingdom.

Holafly United Kingdom eSIM
Holafly United Kingdom eSIM

The second product is intended for Europe and is therefore called – Europe. In addition to data, the package also includes 60 minutes of calls within Europe.

Holafly Europe eSIM
Holafly Europe eSIM


The data plan price starts from £5 (or $6) and increases with the number of days. The maximum number of days is 90, and the price is around £119 (or $139).

Holafly United Kingdom eSIM
Holafly United Kingdom eSIM – 90 days

What phones support eSIM?

With this technology’s growing popularity, more and more phones and tablets that support it are on the market. When buying a phone, you should ask the seller if the phone supports eSIM. The Holafly team regularly updates the list of supported devices. The list is displayed by clicking on “Check compatibility”. Then click your device type (Apple, Samsung, Google or Other).

Supported devices
Supported devices

Mobile operators in the UK and connection type

The UK has four mobile operators – EE (Everything Everywhere), O2, Three (3/Hutchison) and Vodafone. Holafly eSIM can be used in the EE (Everything Everywhere), O2 (Telefonica) and Three networks. Both operators have great signal coverage in London, but coverage varies outside the city.

Connection type

Holafly lists on its website that its eSIM supports 3G/4G/LTE/5G. More and more operators are launching 5G networks, so you may see a 5G icon on your phone more often. However, it is not always 100% guaranteed, as all operators are still rolling out 5G.

Holafly UK connection types
Holafly UK connection types and operators


The activation and validity period of the data plan starts as soon as the eSIM is connected to a supported network.

My experience with Holafly United Kingdom

My data plan

For this test, I bought a data package for 1 day. The price of the package was £5.00.

Network registration

My phone supports the use of two SIMs at once. Before flying to England, I enabled Holafly United Kingdom eSIM as a second eSIM in the phone settings.

After landing and parking the plane at Heathrow Airport, I watched how quickly both (e)SIMs can log into the mobile network. Both SIM cards registered to the networks almost immediately. From the three supported mobile operators in the UK, Holafly eSIM selected the O2 network.

After enabling the data, the 5G icon appeared, and I could access the Internet.


During these 24 hours, I used the mobile networks of two operators – O2 and Three (3). Internet browsing, Google Maps and Citymapper (an excellent app for getting around London and other big cities) went smoothly for me at Heathrow Airport.

I could also watch videos on social networks during the underground ride (Piccadilly line).


I forgot to test the connection speed.


All Holafly offers for the United Kingdom have unlimited data. Thus, there is no need to buy additional data. However, when the plan’s validity expires, you can buy a new one.


Buying, installing and activating data packages from Holafly is easy. Unlimited data packages are great for people who need to use a lot of data, for example, they use social media and streaming services.

My experience with Holafly United Kingdom was very positive. There were no problems while using and travelling around London.

Two options for United Kingdom –  United Kingdom and Europe eSIM Expensive if the data consumption is low
Fast registration to the networkNo plans for low data consumption (e.g. 1GB plan)
5G support
Short and longer-term validity period of packages – from 1 to 90 days
Unlimited data plans

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