Review: How Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM works in Egypt

Egypt is a popular tourist destination. Many tourists visit during the summer holidays to relax by the sea, while others travel for its historical sites such as the pyramids or sphinxes. Nowadays, constant Internet access is essential for sharing travel experiences. Let’s explore how the Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM performed in Egypt.

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Cairo, the capital of Egypt, welcomed me with endless traffic jams. This was due to a football match between Egypt and Tunisia that had taken place in Cairo just a few hours before my arrival. The home Egyptian team emerged victorious, and everyone celebrated by driving in cars and waving flags.

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Read on to learn more about my experience with the Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM.  This article discusses eSIM technology and other companies in detail. In this article, you will find advice on choosing a suitable product for a trip abroad.

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Nomad products for Egypt

Nomad offers eSIM products divided into three groups. The first group includes eSIMs specific to one country. The second group consists of eSIMs for each continent, which can be used in multiple countries within that region. The third group includes eSIM products that can be used globally, covering the entire world.

Nomad offers four types of products for Egypt.

Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM

The first product is the Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM. It’s a data package designed for use exclusively in Egypt. There are different options, ranging from 1GB to 20 GB. Prices vary from €6 for 1GB to €42.50 for 20GB of data.

Nomad AfricaTravel eSIM

Since Egypt is located on the African continent, it’s not surprising that the second type of product is the Nomad Africa Travel eSIM. It can be used in 11 African countries. Four variants offer data ranging from 1GB for €10.50 to 10GB for €41.50.

Middle East Travel eSIM

Both Egypt and Turkey are considered part of the Middle East. You can use the Middle East Travel eSIM in Egypt, which is valid in eight countries. Interestingly, Qatar is not included in the list of covered countries.

Global Travel eSIM

The last product is the Global Travel eSIM. The offer includes packages for 106 and 109 countries, with 1GB to 5GB of data.

Nomad eSIM Products Price

Nomad offers six variants for the Egypt Travel eSIM, each with varying data amounts and validity periods. The data options range from 1GB to 20GB, with prices ranging from €6 for 1GB to €42.50 for 20 GB.

Surprisingly, two 1GB packages are available, each with a different price. The Etisalat network offers the package for €6, while the Orange network offers the same package for €8.50.

More information about this product will be displayed after clicking on “Plan Details”. “Expiry of plan” contains information about when the product will be activated and when this package will expire. 

What phones support eSIM?

With this technology’s growing popularity, more and more phones and tablets are on the market that support it. When buying a phone, you should ask the seller if the phone supports eSIM.

Mobile operators in Egypt and connection type

Egypt has three mobile operators: Etisalat, Orange, and Vodafone. The eSIM I bought, Nomad Egypt Travel, is only compatible with the Etisalat network. Keep in mind that there are areas in the country with no mobile signal coverage. Before purchasing, I suggest checking to confirm coverage in your area.

Connection type

In the technical information for this data package, Nomad mentions support for 3G or 4G networks. However, network coverage depends on location, as the maps above indicate. Many areas do not receive signal coverage at all.


Unlike competitors, Nomad products must be activated within 60 days of purchase. (After purchase, you have 60 days to activate your plan. Otherwise, your plan expiry will start on the 30th day.)

The data plan’s activation and validity period start as soon as the eSIM is connected to a supported mobile network for the first time or on the 30th day after the purchase of the product.

It is always a good idea to check the product information by clicking “Plan Details”.

It regularly happens that the eSIM is not activated after connecting to the network. This happens mainly if the APN is called tele2 (as it was with my Spanish eSIM). Therefore, this product must be activated manually first. Just log into your account, and there should be an option to activate it in the eSIM details.

I do not experience this problem if the APN is called Drei.

My experience with Nomad Egypt eSIM

My Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM

I chose and bought a Travel eSIM with 1GB of data and a validity period of 7 days. It was a cheaper option for a 1GB eSIM. I saw no reason to pay €2.5 more for using the Orange network.

I made sure to have an Internet connection, preferably using wifi, before installing the eSIM on my phone. The installation process was very straightforward. I simply scanned the QR code sent to me via email. Another option is to use the Nomad application and follow the instructions provided.

Automatic Activation vs Manual Activation

I’ve encountered a situation where the eSIM did not activate automatically despite Nomad’s claim that it would when logging in to a supported operator’s network. Even though the eSIM appeared to register successfully and I saw the 4G or 5G icon, data wasn’t being transferred, causing my apps to not work and preventing me from browsing the Internet.

After several tests, I discovered that setting “eSIM Go” as the “Provider” in “Plan Details” allowed for trouble-free automatic activation. This was also true for the Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM 1GB on the Etisalat network. 

If “Joytel” or “Nomad Black” is listed as a Provider, the eSIM must be activated manually.

Network registration

On my way to the pyramids, I activated the Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM in my phone settings. Within seconds, the eSIM connected to the Etisalat network.

After enabling mobile data, I noticed the 4G icon. Soon, I saw arrows flashing in both directions, indicating that the phone was sending and receiving data. It’s always important to take note of the direction of the arrows to ensure that data is being transferred both ways.


I encountered no issues while using Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM in Egypt. Interestingly, I didn’t see the 5G icon indicating that mobile operators have yet to launch 5G in Egypt.

I had no trouble watching videos, and sharing photos and videos on social media worked seamlessly.

Google Maps made exploring the historic streets of Cairo much easier and enjoyable, efficiently guiding me to my destinations.

During my downtime in various parts of Cairo, I enjoyed playing games on my phone without disruptions.


I tested the network speeds while resting after visiting the Pyramid of Cheops. For the test, I used the Speedtest application from Ookla. To my surprise, the download speed was only 1.53 Mbps. I was surprised it was so low because I didn’t experience any problems. There were few tourists either, so the network was undoubtedly not overloaded.


Buying additional data is simple. Just click on “Add more data”.


The Nomad Egypt Travel eSIM is an excellent option for travellers visiting Egypt. With 1GB of data, it’s perfect for a short trip lasting up to 7 days. Nowadays, most hotels and accommodations provide wifi, but having a reliable internet connection beyond wifi coverage is always beneficial, mainly since many tour guides communicate using messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. 

Personally, I found this product to be very reliable and convenient, and I will certainly use it again on my next trip to Egypt.

Four options – local, Africa, Middle East and Global eSIMNo unlimited data
Different data valume – from 1 to 20 GBLimited time for activation – 60 days from buying
Different validity periods – from 7 to 30 days
Simple process for top-ups

Working automatic eSIM activation

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