Review: Vienna Lounge at Schwechat Airport in Vienna

Vienna Schwechat Airport has two terminals – 1 and 3. Terminal 3 is for Austrian Airlines and airlines belonging to the Star Alliance. The rest of the airlines depart from Terminal 1. Vienna Lounge, the lounge I visited recently, is in Terminal 1 and opened in March 2022.

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During the lockdown, several modifications took place at the airport. One of them was the relocation of the airport lounge. Previously, the Vienna Lounge was after passport control. Now, this space is used for departure Gates D. I prefer when the lounges are after passport control, as one never knows how long the queues might be.

Terminal 3 has seven airport lounges for travellers within Schengen and beyond. Of these, six belong to Austrian Airlines, and one, the Sky Lounge, is for all other passengers departing from Gates G.

Upon arrival at the airport, I discovered my Wizzair flight was delayed by an hour. Therefore, I decided to visit the Vienna Lounge airport lounge. Read further to explore Vienna Lounge with me.

Location and Accessibility

The Vienna Lounge is located in Terminal 1. I ended up at a small roundabout after the security check and the first duty-free store. The information about the departure gates D & G (arrow pointing left) and C & F (arrow pointing right) was on the ceiling. Thus, I turned right in the direction of Gates C and F.

Vienna airport
Vienna airport

After a few meters, I saw information boards with the Vienna Lounge name pointing to the right. Then I saw the entrance to the lounge. The second floor, where the lounge is located, can be reached by elevator or stairs.

Vienna airport
Vienna airport

Entry Requirements

The Vienna Lounge is usually open daily from 4:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Current information is on the airport’s official website here.

Members of the following credit card, lounge and airline programs are permitted to enter the Mastercard Lounge:

  • Passengers in first and business class, as well as members of various airline programs
  • Members of the Priority Pass, LoungeKey, DragonPass, TAV Passport (extra charge), Vienna Executive Card programs
  • Owners of premium accounts in Tatra Bank, Slovenská Sporiteľna, Estre Bank, and other Austrian banks
  • Owners of MasterCard Premium, American Express, and Visa premium cards (some for an additional fee)

In addition, the Vienna Lounge also offers a one-time entry for €39 for all other passengers. However, if the lounge is full, purchasing admission won’t be possible. Sometimes, the lounge has special events, so check the airport’s official website before travelling.

I used DragonPass to enter the lounge.

Atmosphere of the Vienna Lounge

After entering the Vienna Lounge, the smiling airport employee welcomed me and scanned the QR code from my DragonPass application. In addition, I paid €5.

In front of the reception was a room for storing luggage and coats. The room had cabinets of different sizes and was all decorated in green colours.

Vienna Lounge Storage room
Storage room
Vienna Lounge reception

Compared to the old lounge, this new one felt spacious, with enough space for hundreds of passengers. In the centre were counters with refreshments and drinks. There were sitting areas on the sides, divided into many parts. According to the official website, the lounge has 450 seats.

Vienna Lounge
Vienna Lounge

What caught my attention was the huge window overlooking the arrival and departure runway. Everything felt new and clean. On the walls were paintings by Klimt and Schiele, donated by the Leopold Museum.

Vienna Lounge

Smokers had access to the terrace, with several tables and chairs. Unfortunately, the terrace was not fully covered from the top and sides. Therefore, when the wind blows and it rains, people can not hide from the rain and get wet quickly.

Vienna Lounge
Vienna Lounge terrase

Vienna Lounge also had an area for children. The children’s corner was on the left side after the step to the lounge.

Vienna Lounge family space

Food and beverages

In the centre of the lounge were counters with food and drinks. On offer were not only Austrian specialities but also international dishes. First, I started with quark cheese balls with cherry jam.

Vienna Lounge food
Quark balls
Vienna Lounge food
Quinoa salad

The food counter was long. On the sides were bowls with cold foods, ham, cheese, vegetables, fruit, and various pastries. In the centre of the food counter were hot dishes, including soups. Each dish had information in German and English.

Vienna Lounge food
Vienna Lounge

Vienna Lounge offers various juices and fizzy drinks. From alcoholic beverages, I found Don Brut Grand cuvée, vodka, gin, rum and whiskey.

Vienna Lounge
Vienna Lounge beverage

Austria is known for its excellent wines from various wine regions. Two white and two red wines awaited passengers, with a detailed description of the product and wine region.

Vienna Lounge red wine
Vienna Lounge white wine

Coffee machines with a choice of various hot coffee drinks and teas, along with Austrian desserts, were prepared for recharging energy.

Vienna Lounge deserts


Toilets are an essential part of airport lounges. The Vienna Lounge toilets are at the left end (after entering the lounge). The staff kept them clean and constantly refilled what was needed. I must say that they did a great job.

Vienna Lounge
Vienna Lounge

Further, the lounge offers:

  • Family area 
  • Family bathroom with baby’s changing table
  • Work area with power and USB connections
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Showers
  • Barrier-free restroom

Visit or not

Definitely worth visiting. Vienna Lounge has a large area, up to 2500 m2, and it does not seem crowded with passengers, unlike other lounges. I like Austrian wines very much, so I was pleased with the selection of two white and two red wines from local wine regions.

What is your opinion on Vienna Lounge?

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