Review: Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague

The first time I heard about wine spas was when I was planning a family vacation in Prague. All the members reacted sceptically and wondered what it was and where I read about it. In this article, I review the wine spa at the Wellness Majestic that I tried. 

Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague
Photo: Wellness Majestic
Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague
Photo: Wellness Majestic

During check-in at the Majestic Plaza Hotel, I noticed an advertisement for a beer&wine spa on the hotel’s premises. I couldn’t resist and asked the hotel staff if I could book it directly with them. The employee told me these services are independent of the hotel. They only rent the hotel cellar and advised me to check their website.

The Czech Republic is known for its long tradition of brewing and drinking beer. Therefore, beer baths are a popular touristic attraction. Finding a beer spa in Prague is easy, as numerous places offer this service. I don’t drink beer, as I find its taste and smell unpleasant. So a beer spa was out of the question. 

On the other hand, I always enjoy a glass of wine (as long as it’s not from Jordan). Thus we had the winner – wine baths. Unfortunately, there are not many options to choose from in Prague. 


I decided to go for Wellness Majestic Wine Spa as it was at our hotel. 

Address: Hotel Majestic Plaza, Štěpánská 33, Prague 1 

Hotel entrance
Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague
Sign on the wall

Wellness Majestic shared the reception with the Bernard beer spa. When entering the hotel, continue straight. There is a hotel reception on the right side and the “Beer Spa Bernard” sign right after. Another sign is pointing towards the staircase. 

The spa area was behind the closed door. We were greeted by the friendly reception staff and a wooden statue of Bernard once they buzzed us in. In addition to us, several other guests were impatiently waiting for the beer cure. 


Services and prices

All information about their services is on the Wellness Majestic website. I recommend reading it and making a reservation online. It is easy. The following offer for 2 people was available when I did the booking in May 2023:

Service50 minutes100 minutes
Whirlpool690 CZK990 CZK
Finnish sauna690 CZK990 CZK
Whirlpool + Finnish sauna990 CZK490 CZK
Wine bath1990 CZK2990 CZK
Price list

I decided on a wine bath for 50 minutes. In the next step, I decided on Grüner Veltliner from the following offer: 

White wine: Grüner Veltliner, Weingut Josef Fritz, Wagram, Austria, dry 

White wine: Riesling Weiss „Nad sklepy“, Moravia, dry 

White wine: Pálava, Znojmo region, semi-sweet 

Red wine: Chianti DOCG, Toscana, Italy 

Sparkling wine: Original Prosecco Spumante DOC, Montecampo, Italy, dry 

Champagne: Blanc de Blanc, Brut, 1er Cru, Cuvée Empreinte, Champagne, France 

Check the Wellness Majestic website for current prices and offers, as they may vary. 

Wine spa procedure 

The employees apologized for the delay and asked us to wait a bit longer. Apparently, a problem during the day caused a delay in the day’s schedule. While waiting, I check the content of the fridge near me. I saw two popular traditional Czech pub food – utopenec (pickled sausage) and pickled Camembert (nakládaný hermelín). 

Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague
Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague
Pickled Camembert

We waited roughly 10 minutes. I didn’t even notice as I am so used to delayed flights or trains. As soon as everything was ready, one of the employees directed us to the final destination. To my surprise, we entered a smaller suite. The entrance hall was followed by a small room where we could change clothes and store belongings. 

Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague
Everything was ready for us.

After entering the main room, a rather large whirlpool, a rattan table with two chairs and prepared wine awaited us. In addition, there was a Finnish sauna and a relaxation room in the other rooms. This was a delightful surprise. 

The employee explained the various functions and lighting of the whirlpool. Afterwards, she took out a tube of red wine from her bag. While explaining the beneficial effects of wine on the human body, she poured this juice mixed with aromatic oils, wine salt and grape seeds into the whirlpool. It is said that wine in small quantities is medicinal, and this combination promotes relaxation and has a strengthening and rejuvenating effect. 

Whirlpool – hydro massage 

Having opened the bottle of wine, I set the glasses on the edge of the hot tub and dived into this tub with hydromassage jets. The warm water and hydro massage of my tired muscles after walking all day was exactly what I needed. 

Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague
relax in the wine bath

Finnish sauna 

The wine spa procedure included unlimited access to the Finnish sauna. The sauna had two parts – the upper one, where the temperature was around 90°C, and the lower one, where the temperature was about 60°C. Hourglass on the wall roughly showed the time I spent in the sauna. I sat on the lower bench for about 10 minutes for the first time. Afterwards, I went to cool off under a cold shower. 

Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague
Finnish sauna

The ideal sauna time is 8-15 minutes, and the whole cycle should be repeated thrice. This was impossible as we only had 50 minutes.

Relaxation room 

In addition to the sauna, there is a small room where customers can lie on the bed and relax. Due to lack of time, I did not try it.

Wellness Majestic Wine Spa in Prague


I did not know what to expect when ordering the wine procedure. I only found photos of beer spas on the Internet, where people sat in a wooden tub and could drink beer directly from it. Sitting in a wine bath with a glass of wine was incredibly relaxing. 

I even received a gift – soap made from wine.

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