Siargao’s beautiful beaches. Here are my favourite ones

Of course this tiny island has many beaches. Are they beautiful? Yes, beaches in Siargao are indeed beautiful! And clean, no plastic bottles ruin the view. Using plastic bags was forbidden since January 2019 and people could get a fine. I must say it was a great idea! The island and its beaches were so clean.

More information about how to get to the island and what to eat can be found in this article. Now, let’s have a look at my favourite beaches in Siargao.

General Luna

Let’s start with General Luna. Right in front (or back) of the local market was a lovely beach, but I couldn’t see anyone swimming or sunbathing there. Maybe February was not the best month to do these activities.

beach near General Luna, Siargao
beach near General Luna

Beach near Caridad

I am not sure if this beach has a name. It was only a few meters north of Caridad and was well hidden. We only ended up going there because our local guide took us there. The beach was completely empty, and it gave a feeling that only locals knew about it.

Pacifico Beach

On our way to the island’s north, we stopped at Pacific Beach. It was another popular destination for surfers (after General Luna). Again, it was empty. I expected to see at least a few surfers enjoying the waves. Maybe the season hadn’t started yet, or perhaps it was too late for surfing.

Pacifico beach, Siargao

I saw Pacifico Lighthouse from the beach, so we asked our guide to take us there. There wasn’t a sign on the road, but our guide knew where to stop and how to get to the coast. The view from the platform was stunning.

View from lighthouse near Pacifico Beach
View from lighthouse near Pacifico Beach

Danjug Beach

Our tour guide took us to another hidden beach, known only by the locals, as we continued on tour de beach day. He described it as a beach where locals go surfing and sunbathe. This beach didn’t have a name, but I named it Danjug Beach after the Danjug cave behind it. Again, this beach was empty. There was a small group of fishermen smoking in the shade.

Danjug beach, Siargao
Danjug beach, Siargao

Alegria Beach

The day’s last stop was at the beach behind Da Rosa Del Mar and next to the fish sanctuary.

Fish sanctuary at Alegria beach, Siargao
Fish sanctuary at Alegria beach

Mini Islands near General Luna

Many small islands surround Siargao. The most famous are Naked Island, Daku and Guyam on the south near General Luna. There are two options for how to get to these islands – book a trip on the Internet or directly at the pier in General Luna.

Naked island beach

It was the first stop and the smallest island we visited during our trip. Nothing is on the island. It is just beautiful white sand surrounded by clear turquoise water. There was nothing to do except walk around and take a few pictures.

Naked island, Siargao
Naked island

Daku island beach

Daku is the biggest of the three little islands. While our guide was preparing our lunch, we went to explore the island. There is a small village in the middle of the island.

Guyam island beach

The last stop of our trip was Guyam. Nobody lives on this island, but there was a bar for tourists where we could order some alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and chill on the beach.

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