OneSimcard eSIM: The Ultimate Guide How to Choose and Buy It

As I wrote in my previous article, OneSimCard is one of many companies offering travel plans for travellers or anyone travelling abroad. They sell not only eSIMs but also traditional SIM cards. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process of creating a new account, choosing the right plan, and buying an eSIM.

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Plan types

Let’s start with the OneSimCard web page. The web gives a cheap and old-school vibe. Maybe it’s the combination of blue and yellow, as it reminds me of Ryanair. However, the website has a great support page that explains everything clearly.

Once the webpage is loaded, it offers a variety of plans, including both traditional SIM cards and eSIMs. In this guide, we’ll focus on eSIMs.

OneSimCard offer
OneSimCard services

As a result of clicking on “International SIM Card” you will see the eSIM plans. “International SIM Card” is a prepaid type of card. Each International SIM gets a European and US number. It means that it should be possible to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS. It is excellent if you need to have these services in your destination.

Four options were listed under International SIM Card, but I was interested in “eSIM World” and “eSIM Asiana”. When I compared both plans, I saw that there was only one difference between them:

  • eSIM Word offers free incoming calls on EU number and outgoing calls for 25c/min (USD), while eSIM Asiana offers extra low rates in Asia and Oceania.

Both eSIMs have the same price. However, read the descriptions carefully as they vary. Make sure you choose the plan that best suits your needs based on your destination, data usage, and other factors. Once you’ve selected your eSIM, click “Buy Now”.

Shopping Cart

Now you have the option to add Data Plans. There are several of them, as shown in the picture below. They are divided into Zones, and each zone has a different amount of countries. Check each zone to see if the data plan will work in your destination. Or you can click on the question mark next to “Data Plans” on the left.

OneSimCard Data Plans
OneSimCard Data Plans

Before you can proceed with the payment, the system will ask you to create an account.

Account Creation

Account creation
New account form

There are more fields than the competitors have in their signup forms. I assume it is because they give a phone number with their eSIM. All mobile operators fight against unwanted calls (or robocalls), and there are many regulations the companies need to follow. One of them is to verify the number owner.

OneSimCard eSIM purchase

The following step is to pay for the eSIM. There are two options:

  1. You can pay by Credit/Debit cards
  2. Onesimcard Money Fund
OneSimCar payment options
OneSimCard payment options

OneSimCard Money Fund

The OneSimCard Money Fund supports other payment methods than Credit/Debit cards and PayPal to pay for OneSimCard services. They accept Bitcoins!I think this is the most significant advantage of this company.

OneSimCard Money Fund
OneSimCard Money Fund

Once you select your preferred payment method, follow the instructions, fill in all your details, and pay for the eSIM, you will get a confirmation. I find it odd that processing the order takes up to 1 business day. Surprisingly, the email confirming that the order had been processed arrived within 10 minutes.

Order confirmation

Congratulations on your first eSIM ever. And now what next? Let’s see how you can install the eSIM.

OneSimCard eSIM installation

After successful payment, all the details for installing the eSIM on compatible Android and Apple phones were sent in the email. Installation is completed by using your phone to scan the QR code of the purchased eSIM. You may scan the QR code by displaying it on the computer screen, another device, or a printed copy.

Afterwards, you can see full installation instructions and access your QR code from the Recharge menu in your online account. Make sure eSIM is selected in the Select SIM Card drop down menu.

Unlike traditional physical SIM that can be moved between different phones, eSIM can be installed only on one device. OneSimCard allows the eSIM to be re-installed on the same device up to 10 times. The other competitors do not support eSIM re-installation.

All done now

OneSimCard is a excellent option for travellers looking for an easy and affordable way to stay connected abroad. With this guide, you should be able to create a new account, choose the right plan, buy an eSIM, and activate it. Happy travels! If you have other questions, add them in the comments.

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